The Concept-Fire range of "all-steel" fire rated anti-vandal insurance certified site accommodation units has been designed, manufactured and independently tested to meet Clause 12.4 of The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation, offering the best protection in the event of fire.

Where units are vertically stacked, the roof/floor assembly and members supporting it achieve at least 30 minutes Fire Resistance to BS476 Part 32 and comply with Building Regulation requirements for 30 minutes fire compartmentation.

Fire Resistance
Walls and roof achieve 30 minutes Fire Resistance to BS476 Part 32.
Door and window shutters achieve 30 minutes Fire Resistance (integrity) to BS476 Parts 20 and 22.

Structural Reliability
The extensive use of non-combustible Galvatite steel illustrates our commitment to quality and long life durability.

Standard foundation designs are available for each size of building.

Thermal Insulation

Roof and wall cavities are insulated with non combustible glasswool fibre. Floor insulation is optional.

External Finishings (Typical)
A Zinc rich galvanic primer is applied to all external mild steel surfaces and weld areas. Fully galvanised panels are spray coated with mid grey semi-gloss fast enamel to BS4800 with trims including skirting, jack legs and fascia in contrasting dark grey to BS4800.

Electrical Installation
Fluorescent lights, twin 13 amp switched socket outlets, a light switch, consumer unit and earth leakage circuit breakers are fitted as standard.

Jack Legs
Individually adjustable and removable telescopic jack legs for ease of levelling and double stacking without modification. A steel lifting ring is welded to the top of each jack leg for crane handling using four-leg slings and bow shackles to BS6994. Certain heavier Concept-Fire units are supplied with roof mounted eye bolts instead of jack leg rings.

Full Scale Fire Test Results

Under an independently conducted, full-scale, real fire test carried out by Warrington Fire Research Centre, the Concept-Fire unit was more than able to demonstrate its design and construction fire characteristics confirming:
That despite internal maximum temperatures of 1100°C, after only 10 minutes, structural integrity of the Concept-Fire unit remained intact.

When compared with the fire performance of traditionally constructed modular buildings containing polymeric cores and with plywood linings, the fire performance of the Concept-Fire building was an immense improvement. Experience during actual fires had demonstrated that normally fires in other types of module would have spread to the outside of the module within 10-15 minutes.

The Concept-Fire unit contained the fire for a full 60 minutes, well in excess of the 30 minute minimum requirement and there was no evidence of any flaming from joints in the external wall panels.

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